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As a life-long observer of people, Linda Kasian is perpetually mesmerized by the vast range of emotions exhibited by human beings. A daughter of musicians, Linda spent most of her childhood on the fringes of the orchestra in Kishinev, Moldova, absorbing music and finding inspiration in it. Her journey continued in Israel and later took her to the United States.

Living in and experiencing different cultures heightened Linda's curiosity about people, and she began to uncover a common thread: she observed that, while we are all distinct individuals, we are connected through the commonality of our emotions through the universal truth found in love. Linda's fascination turned into a deeply rooted passion after the birth of her son.

The light and love that Linda experienced as a mother has motivated and inspired her life and art. In her photographs, Linda seeks to capture fragments of life, moments in which people express love, passion, unity, and purity with one another and the natural world.

Linda freezes these simple moments in time and invites her audience to observe, reconnect, learn, and recall such moments as they might have been experienced in their own lives by viewing the world through her lens.

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